Take Care to Care

In the first video I notice that the line seems to be pretty good, but then again, it all sounds good to me. I haven't yet trained my ear to hear beyond this point of good phrasing, good dynamics, good etc. What exactly do I need to do to take a person to the next level? I have no idea, but for now I can definitely tell whether or not he or she is singing well or not. At least I think I can for the most part. I can hear when something isn't right, however, my ability of focusing on what the cause may be hasn't yet been honed. But it sounds nice to me. I didn't see anything wrong with it. Is it MET worthy, I don't know. Maybe perhaps. I would hate to say no, but find out he won MET years ago or something lol.

Let's talk about phrasing and line. Listen to Cesare Siepi sing O Isis Unt Osiris