Battle and Norman

In the first video of the two beautiful ladies, Kathleen's style of singing is really committed to the art of gospel. There are lots of slides and drags in her line that make it really sound authentic. Yet, at the same time she keeping that space and connection. Now Jessye's style is more toward the classical realm. She still keeps this huge open space directing her sound forward out into the audience. She still manages to keep the glissando style of gospel music in her lines. In other words, Kathleen is more gospel here, while keeping a classical approach, while Jessye is more connected classically than gospel, however she stills pulls off the style correctly. THEY SINGING!!!!!!! When Jessye sings Ride On King Jesus, I can't believe all the space that she consistently creates. Not one note was sung without the proper space and connection. The last note at the end was heavenly. I noticed that her mouth was probably as wider singing on that [a] vowel than any other vowel preceding it. That's one great instrument. Kathleen is sensationally astounding. I find her ability to authentically switch different styles are absolutely unmatched. No matter what style she sings, the space and connection stays the same. Unlike Jessye, Kathleen doesn't sing with the wide vowel space, but somehow is still able to be very forward. If you were to listen to these two on mute, Kathleen looks like she mimicking a comedian or telling a story about something that stinks because she scrunches her face a lot. On the other hand, if you were to look at Jessye, then would would probably think that she's either really tired (because she keeps yawning) or that she's preparing for a dental visit. All in all, these women are spectacular to say the least.

Sam Ramey singing Ella Giammai M'amo (starts at 3:00) his high E on "non amor" is life changing.